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Lisa Lambka is like the Kanye West of vintage boutiques in quaint and sunny St. Augustine, and Lisa Lambka's ReCHIC Unique Boutique: a collector and seller of unique vintage one-of-a-kind items. Think retro hot pink polka-dot purses from the '80s, vintage natural beaver hats from the '60s, and classic Chanel from the '90s. But don't get me wrong and assume that her collection extends back only to the '60s - she has rare finds stretching back to the '20s. ReCHIC has already amassed a massive inventory of thousands of priceless vintage finds like these after only one year in business.

Coming out of a background in high technology, manufacturing, and construction, this hardly sounds like the right project. But like any successful person, Lisa has been able to reinvent herself through executing on hobbies. Fashion has excited her since she was only 3 years old and she has acted as stylist for herself and her friends for over fifty years. Her extended involvement with fashion puts her in a perfect position to run this shop - she's seen all the trends since the early '60s. And she knows fashion is timeless.

Lisa and her boutique have been featured on local television and local news. And now it's our turn at Sacco to carry on the tradition. Lisa Lambka talks unisex, vintage, and inspiration for starting her boutique in this exclusive interview with Sacco:

Head of Marketing

myfanpark.com is looking for a global Head of Marketing to join our young, dynamic, and fast-growing entrepreneurial company. In this role, you will work closely with the Founders, who aim to disrupt the way fans and brands connect with those they admire, and in doing so, create new and innovative opportunities for the famous and influential to uplift, inspire, and delight their fans with unique, personalized, and authentic interactions.


With operational teams in each of our key regions (USA/Canada, India, South Africa, Germany, Nigeria, and growing), you’ll take a global leadership role by managing regional marketing teams and providing them and us with:

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4. Connecting the Dots – because you have a holistic view of regional marketing efforts (tactics, failures and success), you are able to teach across the regional teams and build admired and respected marketing disciplines in each region.


1. Clarity (what we need to do): you can challenge assumptions and enjoy interrogating challenges and opportunities as you seek to find the most effective way to reach diverse audiences in each of our key regions.

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Your ability to deliver marketing capabilities and expertise that, as a result of your centralized role and output, better enable myFanPark and its employees to drive marketing results.


You are ideally located in Southeast Asia. What matters most, is how you’ll work with a diverse group of ambitious people around the world. To this end, we’d want to appoint someone that brings:

  • Positivity and a sense of fun. Not an ego.

  • Curiosity to look where others don’t, to find opportunities not obstacles with lateral thinking.

  • A fresh perspective and original thoughts that gets our teams excited.

  • Accountability and independence to roll up your sleeves and dig into a challenge.

If this opportunity excites you, get in touch and let’s start the conversation. Send us your 1min shout-out video along with a CV to jobs@myfanpark.com.

Vintage Jewelry

Looking for that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to accent any outfit?  ReCHIC Unique Boutique probably has it!

Looking for that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry to accent any outfit?


ReCHIC Unique Boutique 

probably has it!

Vintage Hats

We love hats and have an immense collection for sale.  This one (left) is a gorgeous 1970's Vintage Straw Hat desiged by Bella Fioni of Italy

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